Gray Oak

Tub & Shower Surround

Gray Oak

The lighter gray tone in this plank highlights realistic-looking grain markings and growth rings. Gray Oak offers a fresh, rustic appeal to any environment, and never goes out of style.

Included in each kit:

SKU: 53380

Each tile is 47 inches long x 7.43 inches wide by 5 mm thick.

Kit also includes 35 tiles (5 packs of 7 – enough product to cover the typical tub or shower surround).

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  • Palisade Gray Oak is perfect for remodeling existing spaces, or installing in new construction projects, adding beauty and value for years to come.
  • Tub/shower surrounds can easily be installed over a variety of substrates including OSB/plywood, drywall, water-resistant board, and ceramic tile.
  • For detailed installation instructions on your Palisade tub/shower surround project, please see our installation guide.



  • Designer color offerings instead of plain white fiberglass
  • Average project cost is $5.35/SF vs $25/SF for grouted tile
  • Install tiles vertically or horizontally, stacked or subway
  • Durable material resists dents, scratches, wear and tear
  • Skip the harsh chemical cleaners – surfaces resist mold and mildew
  • Colorfast PVC panels last a lifetime



Although Palisade tiles are 100% waterproof when used with SilTex Siliconized Acrylic Latex Sealant in the seams, we recommend you follow your local building codes for wet environments like shower and tub enclosures. We recommend a 100% waterproof substrate that will prevent water from getting behind potentially unsealed areas that would cause mold or other damage.

Acceptable waterproof substrates are:

  • Existing ceramic tile walls. No additional preparation required.
  • Installation over waterproof substrates, such as:
    • Cement Board®
    • Schluter Kerdi Board®
    • GP Densheild®
    • Johns Manville GoBoard®
    • Hardiebacker®
    • Fiberock® and equivalent products.

Always follow manufacturer’s installation instructions to create a waterproof enclosure.


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