Louvre Granite

Prado Granite

Venetian Marble

Gray Oak

Adobe Drift

Ashen Slate

Carrara Marble

Wind Gust


Waterproof, Grout-Free Wall Tiles

Installs in half the time of grouted wall tile

  1. Protective Top Layer
  2. Realistically Printed Multicolored Film
  3. Rigid Core Board Technology
Traditional Tiles Palisade
Fast and Easy Installation
Clean Work
Budget Friendly
Easy Maintenance
No Dirty Grouting
Light Material
Feels Warm to the Touch
Easy to Cut
No Transition Trims
Easy to Install

Easy to Install

  • Interlocking edges
  • Glues onto almost any surface
  • No grout needed
  • Easy to install
Easy to Maintain

Easy to Maintain

  • Waterproof (with silicone applied)
  • Scratch resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to clean