Wall Planks

Palisade wall planks are the easy way to add style to any room, without the hassle of a complicated installation. These planks don’t require grout and their interlocking tongue & groove system provides a waterproof seal. Perfect for kitchen backsplash, shower makeovers, bathrooms, laundry rooms or accent walls. Available in 3 beautiful wood-grain finishes. Shower kits now also available!

  • PVC planks measure 7.2” wide by 46.7” long
  • 7 pieces per carton – 16.3 square feet per carton
  • Each plank is 5 mm thick
  • Samples are 4.5″ x 11″
  •  Production to finished planks takes place in the USA

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Samples are 4.5″ x 11″

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Palisade (Corner, L and J) trims allow you to finish your Palisade project in a matching finish. These trims are easy to install and add a professional touch to your project. Simply apply a small bead of adhesive to the substrate corner or trim itself. No special tools are required – cuts with scissors or utility knife.

Use a high-quality siliconized sealer like SilTex 40 in tongue and groove joints for 100% waterproof joints.

Use a high-quality construction adhesive like Manus-Bond 75AM HV to adhere tiles to an approved substrate.



No Grout Needed

Easily cut to size and requires no grout
Water Resistant

Waterproof (With silicone applied)
Budget Friendly

Cheaper than traditional tile installations
Easy to Clean

Easy to clean; no mold & mildew growth
Interlocking Edges

Interlocking edges

Faster to install than tile